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Got This? Skip That: Essie Watermelon vs. China Glaze Heli-Yum

28 Jan

In case y’all bishes weren’t aware, Trade Secret is having a sale with lots of nail polishes 50% off. In my desperate search for OPI Black Shatter topcoat, I picked up Essie Watermelon, since it was 50% off and I wanted something to show for the 15 minute drive I made. Black Shatter, you will be mine. Continue reading


Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick in Red Revolution: Not Seeing Red, Y’all

28 Jan

First and foremost, let it be known how much I love red lipstick. Brick reds, cherry reds, coral reds, orange reds, brown reds, yellow reds… if it’s red, I want it and I want it now. So imagine the case of grabby hands I got when I saw a display with new Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks with two new reds. Naturally, I went for the one that sounded the most exciting: Red Revolution. Oh hay guuuurl. I am nothing if not a lover of revolutionary things happening on my lips. (That’s what she said. There, I did it so you don’t have to.) Continue reading

Wednesday Tensday: Excuses For Day-Old Makeup In Public

26 Jan

Welcome to our very first edition of Wednesday Tensday, where I hurl 10 themed answers to a prompt or question at your eyeballs. Sometimes they’ll (attempt to) be funny, sometimes I’ll be for real. It’s gray and dreary outside, so I need some funny ha-has. They’ll probably only be amusing to me, but it’s my blog and I’ll make terrible jokes if I want to. This week, we explore some potential reasons behind those girls you see walking home in stilettos, a party dress, and the same makeup they wore last night. You know exactly the ones, and not because we’ve all been one at some point (hel-loooo, college). Continue reading

Purple-Themed Interesting Day Makeup Tutorial w/ Video

26 Jan

So last semester I took a Technical and Professional Writing class, and our first project was a technical instruction set explaining how to do anything our little hearts desired. My first thought, naturally, was makeup. It gave me the perfect excuse to record a video tutorial for a makeup look, an idea I’d been toying with for a while. I have to say, I have a new appreciation for people who post edited videos on a regular basis; shiz is serious! I damn near went cross-eyed editing the footage and making sure the final product was to my liking.

The video was made to be used in conjunction with written instructions, but both of these were designed for people with zero experience doing makeup. I figure if you’re on this blog, you at least know what brushes to use with which product when you see them in the video and are familiar with the terminology. If you’d like me to post the written instructions and/or specific products used, do holler and I will.

Be kind, dear readers. It was my first time doing makeup with a camera recording me and even though there are a few things I would change, I would say it’s a pretty good run for my first time.

Creating an Interesting Yet Subtle Makeup Look from Patty on Vimeo.

Wet ‘n’ Wild Gray’s Anatomy Review, Swatch

26 Jan

So I know this blog has makeup in its title, but I’m more of a general beauty aficionada. Nail polish has been a great love of mine since I picked out my first bottle at the tender age of 8. It was a sparkly navy blue in a squatty square bottle called Camaro. I don’t know what became of it, but it was the first in a long line of polishes I’ve come to know and love over the years. Basically, there will be polish on here, and it will be great. Moving right along.

Hype and I don’t really get along. I’m one of those people for whom the hype surrounding a certain entity, whether it be a band, a movie, or a product, really doesn’t do much to make me want it. In fact, a lot of hype and buzz more often than not turns me off. What can I say? I have hipster tendencies, every last one of which I loathe. Continue reading

What up, world.

24 Jan

Some of what you’ll expect to find on my little patch o’ Internet:

-Tutorials, perhaps?
-Tips and tricks
-Wednesday Tensday: a list of 10 themed answers to a question or category. Probably will get satirical. Maybe not. Who knows.
-Photos of Zoey, my dog. No, she doesn’t have anything to do with makeup. No, I don’t care. Yes, she’s adorable. No, she doesn’t have any teeth because of her P.O.S. previous owner. I’m gonna stop talking about my dog in answers to made-up questions now.
-Photos of makeup that I do on myself, sometimes others
-Exhaustive posts explaining, to the best of my knowledge, some aspect of beauty: determining skin type, liquid foundation, mascara, eyeliner, etc.
-Nail polish stuff! Nails need to be pretty, too.
-And much, much more.

Be a dear and stick around, won’t you?

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