What up, world.

24 Jan

Some of what you’ll expect to find on my little patch o’ Internet:

-Tutorials, perhaps?
-Tips and tricks
-Wednesday Tensday: a list of 10 themed answers to a question or category. Probably will get satirical. Maybe not. Who knows.
-Photos of Zoey, my dog. No, she doesn’t have anything to do with makeup. No, I don’t care. Yes, she’s adorable. No, she doesn’t have any teeth because of her P.O.S. previous owner. I’m gonna stop talking about my dog in answers to made-up questions now.
-Photos of makeup that I do on myself, sometimes others
-Exhaustive posts explaining, to the best of my knowledge, some aspect of beauty: determining skin type, liquid foundation, mascara, eyeliner, etc.
-Nail polish stuff! Nails need to be pretty, too.
-And much, much more.

Be a dear and stick around, won’t you?


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