Hard Candy Sky Review, Photos, Konad Design

2 Feb

I have to admit something to you all. I think a little bit of Her Royal Chicness Coco Chanel resides in my being. Beyond my tattoos and band t-shirts, I would really love to spend a few days of the week in an impeccably tailored tweed suit and pearls. You know, if it were even marginally practical for a college student who mostly gets around on foot. These little piggies cry WEE WEE WEE every time I wear anything but flat shoes, a quality that I think Mlle. Chanel would have frowned upon.

My point is that though I would love more than anything to indulge in a $27 bottle of nail polish, my inner miser doesn’t allow me that luxury. Luckily for me, our pals at Hard Candy have cooked up a polish practically identical when on the nail.

Say hello to my little friend Sky.

The namesake couldn’t be more obvious: a pale blue, cloudless sky on any given morning.

Can you catch the so-subtle-it’s-almost-imperceptible shimmer? No? Let me help you out.

Awwww yeah. That shimmer is what saves this polish from being just another light blue polish out of the crowd. I love me a good creme polish, but that little hint of sparkle only visible in direct, bright light makes me feel like I have a secret going on just between me and my nails. Secret shimmer is one of my favorite kinds of shimmer.

So how does it compare to Chanel Riva? I don’t have it to compare, but this blogger compares the two and concludes that on the nail, it’d be very, very difficult for the average Joe or Jane to tell them apart. The formula is equally streaky whether you spend $5 or $27, so unless you’re some kind of brand loyalist, the choice is clear.

All that aside, I wanted to make it a little more interesting by throwing a little Konad into the mix. For those who think that sounds more like a technology device than anything to go with nails, head on over here for a quick run-through. Easy, right? I wanted to jazz up Sky before taking it off and I remembered that I had a bottle of holographic polish lying around that would have been perfect. I don’t remember what plate number I used, but it’s the one with zebra, leopard, and fishnet patterns. Side note: HOLY TAN HANDS BATMAN! Sky makes my hands look like I’ve been vacationing in Ibiza for weeks. If only that were the case.

Pity it was overcast that day! It made me stare at my nails and do the following:

Does Hard Candy Sky make the sun come out for you? Do you prefer the double C’s? Pass altogether?


One Response to “Hard Candy Sky Review, Photos, Konad Design”

  1. Vickie February 2, 2011 at 7:28 pm #

    Um that Konad fishnet pattern is some juicy hotness. I love it!

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