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Hard Candy Sky Review, Photos, Konad Design

2 Feb

I have to admit something to you all. I think a little bit of Her Royal Chicness Coco Chanel resides in my being. Beyond my tattoos and band t-shirts, I would really love to spend a few days of the week in an impeccably tailored tweed suit and pearls. You know, if it were even marginally practical for a college student who mostly gets around on foot. These little piggies cry WEE WEE WEE every time I wear anything but flat shoes, a quality that I think Mlle. Chanel would have frowned upon.

My point is that though I would love more than anything to indulge in a $27 bottle of nail polish, my inner miser doesn’t allow me that luxury. Luckily for me, our pals at Hard Candy have cooked up a polish practically identical when on the nail.

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Got This? Skip That: Essie Watermelon vs. China Glaze Heli-Yum

28 Jan

In case y’all bishes weren’t aware, Trade Secret is having a sale with lots of nail polishes 50% off. In my desperate search for OPI Black Shatter topcoat, I picked up Essie Watermelon, since it was 50% off and I wanted something to show for the 15 minute drive I made. Black Shatter, you will be mine. Continue reading

Wet ‘n’ Wild Gray’s Anatomy Review, Swatch

26 Jan

So I know this blog has makeup in its title, but I’m more of a general beauty aficionada. Nail polish has been a great love of mine since I picked out my first bottle at the tender age of 8. It was a sparkly navy blue in a squatty square bottle called Camaro. I don’t know what became of it, but it was the first in a long line of polishes I’ve come to know and love over the years. Basically, there will be polish on here, and it will be great. Moving right along.

Hype and I don’t really get along. I’m one of those people for whom the hype surrounding a certain entity, whether it be a band, a movie, or a product, really doesn’t do much to make me want it. In fact, a lot of hype and buzz more often than not turns me off. What can I say? I have hipster tendencies, every last one of which I loathe. Continue reading

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